The Best Intentions

A few years ago, battling malaria became the cause du jour. Malaria is a worldwide epidemic that affects millions of people. An elegant solution emerged – donating mosquito nets, which are cheap and simple to distribute.

Yet the results were devastating to local economies. “The initial influx of free nets also had the effect of competing with local suppliers of mosquito nets, affecting the local economy” says Sam Bloch, founder of Haiti Communitere.

This week Chili’s restaurants, in recognition of National Autism Month, pledged 10% of sales to a national Autism charity. The offer was then abruptly yanked in response to a wave of negative postings on Chili’s Facebook page and in other social media.  Unfortunately Chili’s did not do their due diligence before selecting the designated charity. The selected organization was accused by some of promoting faulty medical positions and scientific research.

Let our professionals help you with your due diligence before you make that pledge.

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