CSR – More Than a Passing Fad

From the boardwalk to the boardroom – CSR is growing up.

Bain Capital, private equity investors, has made a deal to purchase half of Toms Shoes, the exemplar of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Toms Shoes is famous for their one-for-one model, where for every pair of shoes sold, a pair is donated to someone in need.

The goal? To build Toms’ impact globally. “My dream is for Toms to be the most influential and inspirational company in the world,” said founder Blake Mycoskie.

Eager to sign the deal, Bain executives showed up at their first meeting with Toms’s management wearing the company’s signature espadrilles.

Footwear aside, a serious deal between two major players signifies that CSR is not just a passing fad, but something that is here to stay. Customer demands for socially conscious companies are fundamentally changing business – don’t let yours be left behind.

Our experts will work with you to build a sustainable and sensible CSR program. Give us a call and let’s make a deal!

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