Ebola in the U.S. – What You Can Do to Help

We would all risk our lives to save a single person from drowning, yet will not make a donation that could save hundreds from relying on polluted well water.  There is something about human nature that has difficulty empathizing with the many over the few.

Several people have asked about making donations to help with Ebola crisis.

Médecins Sans Frontières, SIMS USA and Samaritan’s Purse (both Christian faith-based organizations) provide boots on the ground intervention in western Africa, and have been for a long time.  These three organizations have the existing infrastructure and partnerships necessary to make an immediate difference with your dollars. It is also possible for a donor to make direct donation to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas to help offset medical expenses for the first identified Ebola patient in the U.S.

On a larger scale, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged $50-million to U.N. agencies and others. The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation gave $9-million to the Centers for Disease Control and $2.8-million to the American Red Cross.

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