Free Custom Analysis: Donor Advised Funds Versus Private Foundations – Which is Right For You?

There are many options for charitable giving, including Donor Advised Funds and Private Foundations… every family and individual’s situation is unique, and each giving vehicle has its own distinct qualities and benefits.

Advantages of Donor Advised Funds:

  • Quick and easy to establish
  • Provide an immediate solution to a tax need
  • Little to no ongoing management required of the donor
  • The option to make gifts with complete anonymity
  • Currently, there are no requirements for minimum payout amounts or timing

Advantages of Private Foundations:

  • Free-standing entity, controlled by the donor
  • Can hold a wide array of assets: art, real estate, and closely held stock
  • Activities of the foundation can be paid by the foundation
  • Expanded funding opportunities such as scholarship and award programs
  • May exist in perpetuity allowing future generations to be involved

Not sure which is right for you? We’re offering a free custom analysis. Let us know your priorities in 8 short questions, and we’ll recommend a fit for you.

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