Case Study: Aligning Individual Giving Wishes within a Firm


Rodman & Associates was asked to help a professional firm address a very tricky question. Multiple partners were lending their professional services pro-bono, utilizing the firm’s resources, while the firm itself was getting little to no public recognition. Partner meetings were getting tense and something had to be done.

Through a series of private one-on-one meetings with stakeholders, Rodman & Associates created a situation analysis identifying the hot button issues. A fair, transparent, and objective plan was proposed and agreed upon. Each request for charitable support was to be judged against a matrix to gauge the potential for new business and client development.

The question was not whether the firm should engage in corporate philanthropy, but what form should that philanthropy take – and was there enough benefit to the company to justify the expense? Each request is now evaluated and approved by the group, from sponsoring cultural events, to purchasing tables at fundraising dinners, to non-profit Board service.

By running requests through a formal evaluation, what used to be a power struggle is now an exercise in teamwork.

Corporate philanthropy is more than a business donating a share of its profits to support the community. Done correctly, corporate philanthropy can strengthen your business model and serve the dual purpose of generating new business and creating social good.

Let Rodman & Associates use its knowledge base and experience to create and implement a company giving plan that works for you.

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