David vs Goliath – Isn’t it time to shake things up?

Americans tend to reward the familiar rather than the innovative when it comes to charity. Almost 80 percent of all donations made are classified as “loyalty giving” – meaning people tend to give to the same organizations year over year.

Compare that to the for-profit sector, where Americans reward ingenuity and innovation. For example, Motorola thrives – long ago surpassing the walkie-talkie – while Kodak still struggles to move beyond film.

Are we as “customers” (the non-profit’s donors) rewarding charities for trying unconventional approaches to social problems? Or are we too often sticking with the status quo?

The list of America’s biggest charities shows little change year-over-year, with the same organizations dominating the list at http://www.forbes.com/top-charities/.

While large nonprofits can move mountains, there are smaller ones who can find a way around the mountain.

Do you know an innovative nonprofit? Send us their information and we will feature them in a future article.

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