What does corporate giving really look like?


Our recent study of Corporate Giving in Central Texas showed that 95% of companies are giving back to the community. Business leaders understand that a reputation as a good corporate citizen helps to recruit and retain employees, increase market share, and deepen ties with customers.

Yet a 2014 Gallup survey titled “State of the American Workplace” reported that only 41 percent of workers surveyed “felt they know what their company stands for and what makes its brand different from its competitors’ brands.” If your own employees don’t know, how can your customers?

The best Corporate Citizenship weaves throughout the company:

  • in the design of your products
  • ways you treat your customers, suppliers and employees
  • how you invest company time and money to make the community stronger
  • and how the charitable programs you support are reviewed and selected

Think it’s too late to change? Nordstrom, founded in 1901, recently announced that they would be giving 1% of all gift card sales to non-profits, to fund their newly-created employee charitable match program and their longstanding grant program (nonprofits can apply for a grant here.)

Are your charitable programs decreed and management-down, or are they allowed to bubble up with employee-driven selections? Is your giving feeling a little stale?

Let Rodman & Associates use our knowledge base and experience to create a business giving plan that creates value and fosters employee engagement. Contact us and let’s talk.

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