The 5 ABCs of Crowdfunding

Austin is one of the country’s most tech-savvy populations.  Crowdfunding uniquely fits our city’s culture and our desire to create online communities centered on shared passions.

Crowdfunding allow individuals to express who they are – and what they care about – through individually created online profiles, and it is just one more prime example of how technology is changing the philanthropic world.

Technology not only increases the size of our social and professional networks, it enables us to interact with that network in an incredibly fast and efficient method.

Below are the top five tips for using readily available technology to make the biggest impact:

  1. Tell your story: utilize the power of imagery by creating an emotionally compelling webpage or video
  2. Set a concrete goal:  give viewers the sense they really can make it happen
  3. Share the message broadly across every online platform available: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn
  4. Offer an incentive: a gift card to a local brewpub or two tickets to an upcoming special event
  5. Publicize your effort: crowdfunding relies on a large number of small contributions for success, take every opportunity to spread the word and get people talking for increased traffic and traction

Thinking of launching a crowdfunding campaign? We’ll help you cover everything from A to Z.

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