Is Corporate Philanthropy in your tool kit? Time and time again we see companies roll out public do-good campaigns following a major gaff, but do these campaigns really work?  It turns out they do!

A decade ago the political beliefs of an executive or the transgressions of a U.S. company’s subsidiary in Africa or Asia might have gone unnoticed.  That is no longer the case.

In today’s world actions and comments fly across the internet, and companies have little choice but to respond.  Consider these recent examples grabbed from the headlines:

Google-backed San Francisco nonprofit offers showers for the homeless

‘Blackfish’-bruised SeaWorld pledges $1.5 million to effort

Finding the “Right” Way to Dispose of Ill-Gotten Gains

Corporate philanthropy must be view by business leaders as more than random acts of kindness.  Strategic business philanthropy improves reputation management and strengthens relationships with suppliers, customers and neighbors. It mitigates risk by building social equity – equity a business can pull from if and when bad news hits.

There is no one-size-fits all model when launching a Corporate Citizenship program.  Needs differ from business to business depending on the business’ size, location, products, and activities.

In our view the best place to start is by creating a leadership team to assess opportunities, identify challenges, and come to a shared definition of successful Corporate Social Responsibility.


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