Giving Budgets, Volunteerism Increase: The 2016 Rodman Report is Here

A Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas

The results of our Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas are in. Through the direct feedback of local businesses, the 2016 Rodman Report shines a spotlight on corporate giving trends and benchmarks in the Austin and Central Texas area.

The statistics we gathered on corporate philanthropy/giving can help business leaders see how their own giving measures up – and be inspired to engage their employees through different methods of giving. For nonprofit board members, staff and volunteers, our survey findings provide a wealth of information to help them understand how, and to what causes, companies give – and who the gatekeepers are for corporate giving (hint: it starts at the top).

So what were some of the key findings?

First of all, almost all companies give in some way (99 percent of our survey respondents), and a majority of them have a philanthropic/giving budget. Among those, nearly two-thirds saw those budgets increase from 2014-2015. That’s good news for all of us in Austin and Central Texas: it indicates that our local business economy is still thriving, and non-profits are getting critically needed support from the companies around them.

Charitible Budget

Another big takeaway can be summed up in one word: volunteering. Volunteerism is rising as a method of giving, as 86 percent of companies reported volunteer hours as one of their methods of giving (roughly equal to monetary donations at 85 percent). This marks an increase from our 2015 survey, in which only 66 percent of companies reported volunteer hours among their methods of giving.


And when it comes to volunteerism, group volunteering is king. More than three-quarters (77 percent) of companies surveyed engage their employees through group volunteering, an increase of more than 20 percent over 2015. Two-thirds (66 percent) engage employees by supporting individual volunteering, again a 20 percent increase over 2015.


We would like to extend our thanks to Austin Gives, a program of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, for partnering in our survey outreach efforts to area businesses, and Austin Mayor Steve Adler for his special email message inviting companies to participate.

I invite you to take the pulse of corporate giving in Austin and Central Texas: Sign up to receive the Rodman Report today!

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