Do you know where your money went?

Each of us have made donations whose impact we can see and measure—and donations for which we could not tell you where the money went if our lives depended on it!

Are you interested in seeing your charitable efforts evolve from something that simply feels good to something that actually does the most good?  Take a minute for self-reflection before making that next gift:

Do you prefer to make gifts that address an immediate need, a food bank for instance?

Or to make a longer-term investment to address the root causes of hunger?

Do you like to participate actively in programs that you fund?

If you helped to launch a new project, would you want to ensure its sustainability, or do you prefer to encourage independence?

What kind of evaluation should you use to measure success?

What would be grounds for you to stop funding a project?

Looking for an added bonus?  The more refined your giving strategy the easier it becomes to say yes or no to those unsolicited requests that arrive in the mail.

Strategic Philanthropy: it is not about how much you give; it is about how you give.

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