The Trifecta: Uber, Dell and Goodwill?

I love finding examples of partnerships between businesses and nonprofits that are clearly win-win scenarios, providing benefits and positive exposure for both parties. So when I find a “win-win-win” scenario, it’s even better.

For last year’s America Recycles Day, Uber, Dell and Goodwill joined forces to help people in New York City properly recycle used technology and keep it from joining the millions of pounds of e-waste that is improperly recycled each year. For one day, drivers on the Uber network provided free pickups of used electronics in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens courtesy of Dell. They transported the items to Goodwill NYNJ’s donation centers across the city, after which they were recycled through the Dell Reconnect program.

What a great idea! This well-planned partnership (an extension of the Uber/Goodwill “Spring Cleaning Campaign”) leveraged the strengths of all three entities: Uber, by providing the transportation; Goodwill, by coordinating receipt of the collections through their donation centers; and Dell, by recycling the technology through their Dell Reconnect program. Conducting the pickup on America Recycles Day gave it increased relevance and news appeal.

Corporate philanthropy can go well beyond just writing a check – and at its best, it is fun, creative and engaging. Employees of Uber, Dell and Goodwill were all involved at the ground level in their partnership. Volunteering in such a way is great for team building and employee morale. Plus, a partnership that leverages the skills and expertise of your company is extremely valuable for a charity or nonprofit.

Our Playbook for Effective Corporate Giving walks you through the process of creating a plan for your company’s philanthropy. By using a thoughtful process, you can help identify potential partners that are a good fit for your organization’s mission and purpose, and develop meaningful ways to engage them and make a difference.

For example, the Playbook’s Nonprofit Evaluation Worksheet encourages you to consider your company’s core strength, values and business model to help find the proper fit for a nonprofit partner to support. The playbook also prompts you to think about what ways your company will provide support (corporate donations, employee giving program, in-kind donations, employee volunteering, a cause-marketing partnership, or a combination of these methods) – as well as the ideal timeline for your partnership (3 months, 1 year, or 3-5 years, for example).

The Playbook is free, and I encourage you to download it today and start working on your plan for 2017. At Rodman & Associates we are here to help at any point in the process. Just send us an email at or give us a call at 512-365-0360 and let us help you create an effective plan for corporate giving!

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