Free Analysis: Donor Advised Funds & Private Foundations

We’ve read so much about the proliferation of Donor Advised Funds, it made us wonder how Private Foundations are faring. While donor advised funds now outnumber private foundations in the U.S., private foundations still offer many advantages, especially surrounding legacy and control.

  • Control over Board appointments.
  • Control over investment strategy.
  • Control over the selection criteria used to make grants, program related investments and grants to individuals.
  • Ability to offer stipends to family members or other members of the foundation Board of Directors.
  • And, all of this control is passed on to the donor’s heirs.

According to the Internal Revenue Service the majority of private foundations hold assets between $1 million and $5 million, and more than half of all U.S. Foundation were formed in only the past 12 years.

Whether your passion is for social needs, the arts, education, health care or the environment, Rodman & Associates helps you engage in the conversations that can bring you, and your legacy, into focus.

Have you ever wondered if a donor advised fund, a private foundation, or a combination of the two could work for you?  We’re offering a free custom analysis.

Let us know your priorities in 8 short questions, and we’ll recommend a fit for you.

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