Drowning in Donations: one nonprofit’s struggle to keep up

Recently Americans spontaneously donated more than $20 million to a Texas based nonprofit to reunite migrant families separated at the border. The $20 million grew out of the most recent social media campaign to go viral, and that money equals approximately 3x the organization’s annual budget.

With the very best of intentions these donors were reacting to a heart wrenching situation. Yet, is their gift getting the desired results? The facts are the receiving nonprofit is not able to absorb the money easily and it is struggling to deliver on its mission. In a US News and World Report article the group recently acknowledged that the organization is “really making these plans as we speak and trying to figure out how best to utilize the unexpected windfall”.

Strategic philanthropists will take the time to do research and to develop a proactive strategy to achieve their goal. They make charitable “investments” and track those investments to determine whether their desired impacts and goals are being achieved.  Are you ready to change the way you give?

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