How do you thank the hundreds? One at a time.

Small Gifts

The big donors get their name on the building, or the wall, or at the top of the list in the program brochure. They get the special seats, and the special parking and all kinds of special perks. But where would organizations be without their loyal annual donors? And how well are YOU showing smaller donors appreciation for their enduring and much needed gifts?

On the flip side, do we as donors give the small gift even if a large one is not within our capacity, and do we understand how much it means to offer this support? Do we bring along other small donors to the cause, knowing that a multitude of small gifts can become a very big one? Multiple gifts of under $100 often add up to critical operating support for many organizations.

Every small gift helps to establish the community of support for an organization. It tells them who is paying attention and values their work. And every organization needs to let their donors know, all their donors, how much this support is appreciated.

As an individual, look around you at the causes you care about, at the good work being done and the problems being solved and please share your generosity at whatever level is comfortable for you. Let the people and organizations spending every day in the trenches of these important issues know that you are paying attention and that you appreciate their efforts. Let’s all celebrate the Season of Giving.

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