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How do you thank the hundreds? One at a time.

The big donors get their name on the building, or the wall, or at the top of the list in the program brochure. They get the special seats, and the special parking and all kinds of special perks. But where would organizations be without their loyal annual donors? And how well are YOU showing smaller… Read more »

We Now Offer Nonprofit Evaluations as a Stand-Alone Service!

Before you give generously it is important to know that your donations are used ethically and effectively before giving big. But conducting proper due diligence would be a full-time job. That’s why we’re here. Rodman & Associates now offers our independent and rigorous nonprofit evaluations as a stand-alone service, providing you the insight you need… Read more »

The Real Story Ends In The Land fill

It is well documented that after Hurricane Maria warehouses near the ports of Puerto Rico remained full of diapers, bottled water, clothes and canned goods, with no easy way for those items to reach individuals in need. After all, in the middle of a disaster, who is going to unpack and sort those assorted goods… Read more »

Increasingly, Women are Leading U.S. Philanthropy

Here’s the facts, according to a recent comprehensive study by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University: Women are creating and controlling wealth at a higher rate than ever before. Women control more than 51% of private wealth in the U.S. The IRS reports that 43% of the nation’s top wealth holders, those with assets… Read more »

When is enough, enough?

Many parents of college students grapple with how much their children should work—and contribute—toward their living and tuition expenses.  These parents recognize that not having work experience during college affects their child’s future job prospects and compensation offers.  Most families of wealth struggle mightily with how much to provide their offspring.  As Warren Buffett famously… Read more »

The Expanding Philanthropic Conversation

Aligning Conversations with Client and Donor Needs Several studies have been conducted by financial institutions recently to assess their clients’ philanthropic activity and needs. The results tell us that the philanthropic conversation is expanding in America, and that donors, as well as potential donors, want to have meaningful conversations about their giving. Here are some… Read more »

Drowning in Donations: one nonprofit’s struggle to keep up

Recently Americans spontaneously donated more than $20 million to a Texas based nonprofit to reunite migrant families separated at the border. The $20 million grew out of the most recent social media campaign to go viral, and that money equals approximately 3x the organization’s annual budget. With the very best of intentions these donors were… Read more »

Philanthropy USA: Record Giving, but is this all Good News?

Several recent news articles and reports have announced that 2017 was a record year for U.S. philanthropy, citing a robust stock market and strong economy as drivers. For the first time, charitable giving exceeded $400 Billion, up 5.2% year over year. The articles also noted giving increases across all sectors, except international affairs, with more… Read more »

Free Analysis: Donor Advised Funds & Private Foundations

We’ve read so much about the proliferation of Donor Advised Funds, it made us wonder how Private Foundations are faring. While donor advised funds now outnumber private foundations in the U.S., private foundations still offer many advantages, especially surrounding legacy and control. Control over Board appointments. Control over investment strategy. Control over the selection criteria… Read more »