Case Study: Taking Control of Your Giving

How a Rodman & Associates client took control of his giving

A Rodman & Associates Case Study

One recent client, a successful businessman who is very engaged in the community, with a reputation for generosity, came to us with a problem: he was up to his neck in charitable funding requests. Every week, he was forced to spend time simply managing solicitations and fundraising appeals.

Over the course of just a few appointments, Rodman & Associates worked with him to turn this around – and slow down the frequency of requests.

We were able to help him understand where his real passions lay, by reviewing past gifts and asking which gift particularly stood out and why.

Key takeaway: If you are giving through a sense of obligation – rethink your strategy. You won’t be as fulfilled and you may give less, or have less impact.

We then analyzed how he gave: he was writing a lot of small checks to a fairly limited number of organizations, which can limit the effect of those dollars.

Finally, we helped him put a plan in place to manage the time he spends on his philanthropy by calendaring his giving, which also serves as a buffer to limit requests and solicitations. He and his wife are now much more proactive and focus their gift-giving twice a year as a way to celebrate their birthdays.

Now this client is making a larger impact – and is back in the driver’s seat.