Corporate Philanthropy

Do you often feel torn between the pet charity projects of employees, associates, and vendors?

Do you wonder how to stem the tide of throwing money at multiple charities in an effort to please everyone?

Do you feel unable to say “no” to the competing interests? When you do say “yes,” do you wonder how much it really counts?


Avoid offending or turning off potential customers, vendors, and business associates by saying “no” to their pet charity project. Identifying a philanthropic initiative that makes sense for your business and for your market will rule out 90% of solicitations from the start.

Let’s discuss lowering turnover and increasing employee engagement:




“Lisa’s knowledge of the non-profit industry is beyond powerful and yet she has the gentle hand to make it all far less intimidating. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to grow their business visibility as well as staff and community engagement through philanthropic endeavors.

She owns the knowledge, the connections, and the passion to produce a home run on the first pitch.” – Bill Duffy, Retail/Restaurant Executive

Would you recognize a controversial nonprofit program before they made an inopportune partnership? Chili’s made that costly mistake recently:

Rodman & Associates applies the same proven strategies you used to make your money to direct your charitable giving: Research, Analysis, Strategy, Action Plans, Implementation, and Evaluation.

From research to implementation, we can help you make the right choice:




Budget constraints? There are lots of options that don’t require cash, such as:

  • donating meeting space,
  • donating product, unused office supplies, or extra inventory,
  • professional expertise,
  • and cross marketing partnerships


How does your business’ efforts get heard above the noise?

Achieve your business goals and elevate your company profile:  Rodman & Associates delivers proven practices for making sponsorship and media partnerships a success and provides management and administration for your company’s short-term or long-term needs.

“Lisa Rodman has the experience and the connections to aid individual and corporate donors in making strategic alliances with nonprofits and Non-Governmental Organizations from Main Street to the Middle East.” – Ambassador Lewis Lucke, U.S. Response Coordinator for the Haiti Earthquake


Make sure your efforts and dollars have the greatest impact: