“A recent New York Times article explored a challenge that many executives face: Today’s employees, especially Gen Y, are increasingly focused on finding a greater purpose in their work. Unlike prior generations who were focused simply on being employed or growing their income, this generation wants something more meaningful. But what if your business is primarily commercial and not, well, saving the world?”

“I love my company, but it’s not a charity. We’re not curing disease or solving climate change. Personally, my fulfillment comes from the momentum we build as a company by hitting new milestones: hiring a certain number of employees, hitting a revenue goal, expanding to a new office or bringing on new clients. And I take pride in the fact that we’ve created almost 100 jobs through this enterprise.”

“The Times article described one way employees at an organization such as ours can find purpose: when they know their efforts are funding projects that give back. We found our purpose in the form of Confidence, a five-year-old girl from Benin City, Nigeria who needed life-saving heart surgery.”

Don Fornes
CEO and Founder, Software Advice

“Lisa’s enthusiasm is so infectious; her meeting ahead of time with each of us had obvious benefits at meeting time; her knowing our names and including everyone in the discussions was very helpful; I think no one was reluctant to share ideas, to agree or disagree. Powerful meeting.”

Participant, Strategic Planning Session

“The Dream Come True Foundation engaged Lisa Rodman of Rodman & Associates to assist us, as a young non-profit, to grow and scale.  Lisa made an instant and huge impact!  She has helped us work through the difficult questions of how and where to grow and how to structure ourselves and position ourselves for growth.   She immediately saw the need for us to expand our fundraising activities and helped us develop fundraising events, cultivate key donors, and create an annual fundraising program of work.  I was amazed at how she immediately established a personal relationship of trust and confidence with each board member and became effective from the first day.  We are a different, a more successful, a more focused and a more mature organization because of Lisa.  Any non-profit who retains her is in for an exceptional experience.”

Carol Kallendorf, PhD
Co-Founder and Board President, The Dream Come True Foundation