From Overalls to Black Tie…building a better board

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We field more questions from colleagues about the role of a nonprofit Board than just about anything else. The answer is always, “it depends”.

As a nonprofit organization matures, a healthy Board will grow right along with it. For an organization to be sustainable over the long-term current leaders must face up to the realities of what it will take to successfully lead the organization in the future.  A board member who is valuable at the early stage of development may not have the appropriate skills necessary to be an effective board member of a fully developed organization, and vice versa.

We’d like to share this very visual description of the life stages of board development—From Overalls to Black Tie. (more…)

Can We Talk About Money?

When I accepted a position as the Development Director for a small Austin nonprofit, I thought that my years of service in the sector would inform the role. I had been a nonprofit founder, board member, leader and consultant. Surely, I could effectively apply these experiences to this new role. But, as it turned out, it was older lessons — learned when I was a financial advisor — that would serve me best.

During 14 years managing portfolios for my clients, I learned from the trenches how to, and how not to, talk about money. Being a Development Director is all about money, right? Now, as a Philanthropic Advisor with Rodman & Associates, I work to serve the interests of non-profits and foundations, corporations, families and individuals. We are still talking about money, specifically how to do good in the world through philanthropy.

There are similar practices among non-profits and the world of business and finance, some that work well, and others, not so much. I’d like to share what I learned about three of them: Building Relationships, Making the Ask and Donor Retention. (more…)

Joy Selak Joins Rodman & Associates

Former MINDPOP development director founded two nonprofits, was ZACH Theatre president

AUSTIN, Texas—Rodman & Associates, an Austin-based philanthropic advisory firm, announced that in April, Joy Selak, Ph.D., joined the team to help individuals, families and organizations plan their giving in ways that are strategic and impactful.

RA - Welcome Joy - Twitter ImageSelak has more than 20 years in nonprofit leadership at organizations including Austin’s MINDPOP, ZACH Theatre, and A Legacy of Giving, which she and a group of Austin leaders founded in 2007 with a mission to grow a new generation of philanthropists among the students of Central Texas.

As a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®), Selak is a member of a growing network of top planners working to make philanthropy more effective and dynamic for generations to come. The CAP certification has been awarded to nearly 1600 candidates nationwide from the American College of Financial Services. (more…)

Purpose beyond Profits

The Purpose Effect

Many long-running cause marketing campaigns ceased to exist this year. Lee’s Denim Day, Yoplait’s Save Lids to Save Lives and Campbell’s Labels for Education to name just a few.

So what’s going on? Could this be the death knell for Cause Marketing?

At Rodman & Associates, we think not.  Companies–and their consumers–have become more sophisticated, and they are demanding more from Cause Marketing campaigns.  The evolving trend is for corporations to define and create a unique program that reflects the core DNA of the business itself.

Outstanding examples include: (more…)

Made in the USA

sewing-shop-2The word “innovative” is so overused we tend to gloss over it. Yet recently I’ve taken notice of a young nonprofit, Multicultural Refugee Coalition (MRC), whose earned-income focus and smart capitalization of key markets is creative and effective enough that we might actually apply “the i word” to their programs. (more…)

The Trifecta: Uber, Dell and Goodwill?

I love finding examples of partnerships between businesses and nonprofits that are clearly win-win scenarios, providing benefits and positive exposure for both parties. So when I find a “win-win-win” scenario, it’s even better. (more…)

Happy Employees, Positive Image: Strategic Corporate Giving is a Necessity

If you are a business owner, marketing director or HR professional, you likely play a key role in your organization’s charitable giving decisions. What does that process look like? When you think about your business and philanthropy, is something missing?

Does it feel sometimes like you or your company go through the motions of writing a few checks of support – or even underwrite a cause-related event or two – without a real strategy for corporate giving?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone. (more…)