Searching for corporate sponsors? Three tips for smarter fundraising.


The approach many nonprofits take to attract corporate support appears to be sending out multiples of mass produced sponsor material in hopes of garnering a donation; after all they have so much money–certainly they can give you just a little, right?

You have a much better chance of attracting corporate support by thoughtfully identifying a handful of companies that naturally align with the nonprofit mission, and then crafting individual communication for each of them. (more…)

Giving Budgets, Volunteerism Increase: The 2016 Rodman Report is Here

A Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas

The results of our Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas are in. Through the direct feedback of local businesses, the 2016 Rodman Report shines a spotlight on corporate giving trends and benchmarks in the Austin and Central Texas area.

The statistics we gathered on corporate philanthropy/giving can help business leaders see how their own giving measures up – and be inspired to engage their employees through different methods of giving. For nonprofit board members, staff and volunteers, our survey findings provide a wealth of information to help them understand how, and to what causes, companies give – and who the gatekeepers are for corporate giving (more…)

2016 Rodman Report – A Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas

The results are in!

Great for Central Texas business owners (and anyone in charge of corporate giving), the Rodman Report provides information regarding how much, and in what ways, area companies are giving back to the community.

The Rodman Report is also a great source of information for local nonprofits, providing insights on who in Central Texas is making corporate philanthropic/giving decisions – and their giving habits.

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How does business philanthropy affect your company’s vaule?

MARK CUBAN, DAYMOND JOHN, KEVIN O'LEARY, LORI GREINER, STEVE TISCHMost owners have considered the correlation between business giving and the success of the business.  Strategic giving improves reputation management and strengthens relationships with vendors, customers and clients. But how does business philanthropy affect the company’s value?

Since valuation is typically a function of available cash flow it stands to reason that a company designating a portion of its profits to the community means less money flowing to the ownership—decreasing the overall business value. (more…)

When unhappy donors want their money back

Scales of Justice (2)

A donor was approached by the Executive Director of the local Humane Society with a $25,000 proposal to fund the development of an onsite low-cost spay and neuter clinic.  The donor was told that bringing those services in-house would save $60,000 in annual operating costs at the Humane Society and that the clinic would be operational within 12 months.

The Executive Director left the organization, the clinic never opened, and the donor wants his money back.  Is he right? (more…)

Something even Grinch could love

Grinch 1

It is the season to be charitable: a recent Gallup Survey reports Americans will spend, on average, $812 this Christmas season. Why not channel some of that spending power into creating good by supporting nonprofits while you shop? (more…)