Strengthen your family through shared philanthropy

Leaving a legacy is so much more than making a name for yourself – it’s about inspiring future generations. With families living further apart, shared philanthropy builds family identity and bonds that once grew naturally from living close by. (more…)

Austin Business Journal

He doesn’t talk about it publically. And neither does his wife.  But by pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the Austin economy during its relatively short history, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation has created a legacy that will linger for generations to come. (more…)

West Austin News

Philanthropy executive Lisa Rodman announced the formation of a boutique charity consulting firm, Rodman & Associates. Family politics and the politics of money often collide in small family foundations. A professional third party can be of help in defining goals.

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PlainsCapital Bank keeping Austin Weird


The bankers at @PlainsCapital Bank are doing their part to Keep Austin Weird.  The bank contributed funds to restore the iconic Greetings from Austin Mural.

The Best Intentions

A few years ago, battling malaria became the cause du jour. Malaria is a worldwide epidemic that affects millions of people. An elegant solution emerged – donating mosquito nets, which are cheap and simple to distribute. (more…)

Private Pursuit of Public Good

Simply put, philanthropy is a private pursuit to achieve a public good.

This article is about billionaire philanthropists and how they are stepping up to propel advances in the face of dwindling government budgets. (more…)