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Welcome to the resource center where you’ll find tools, tips, and information about philanthropic giving.

NP Evaluation Cover LinkedInRodman & Associates offers our independent and rigorous nonprofit evaluations as a stand-alone service, providing you the insight you need to make educated and confident giving decisions.

Expert evaluations are especially critical if you’re a:

  • current donor asked to consider a much larger gift
  • business assessing several potential nonprofit partners
  • current board chair or invited to join a nonprofit board of directors
  • donor who knows one of your grantees needs operational improvements

Our PhD researchers dive deep into strategy, finance, leadership, and impact. The resulting assessment and recommendations illustrate the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to inform your level of involvement.

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Financial Advisors and Philanthropy

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It is challenging to make effective and strategic philanthropic decisions that are also consistent with sound financial management and estate planning. Read More caret_right

Looking to start a Corporate Giving program?

Download our Free Playbook for sample planning documents and worksheets to help you put an effective corporate giving plan in place.  Corporate Giving Playbook

Playbook for Corporate Giving, Lisa Rodman

The results of our annual Corporate Giving Survey are in.  Find trends and corporate giving benchmarks in the 2018 Rodman Report.

The Annual study of corporate giving in Central Texas, conducted by Rodman & Associates. How does your company stack up? 2018 Rodman Report

2018 Rodman Report



Legacy Giving

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How can philanthropy help build and strengthen a sense of family? Learn more here caret_right

Planned Giving


Want to know how some hard-working Americans donate more without cutting into their annual household allowance?  Read More caret_right

How do Companies Give?


Read our Corporate Philanthropy Overview here caret_right

Private and Family Foundations Report


2015 giving statistics for small private and family foundations are in, and they offer some interesting insights. Read the report here caret_right

Foundations Board Compensation Survey

How much do Foundation Board members get paid? Curious about compensation? We have a guide for you here caret_right

Charitable Calculator

Calculate the net cost of donations and the tax savings – see how much you can afford in your efforts to bring about maximum institutional change. CharityNavigator has a great calculator here caret_right

Free Custom Analysis

Which is best for you, a donor advised fund or a private foundation? Do you know the difference between them? Learn more and get a free analysis here caret_right

Our Customer Case Studies


New Foundation Case Study

How did a newly formed Foundation Board of Directors come to consensus on a share vision and funding priorities?  Read more caret_right


Individual Giving in a Firm

How did one local firm pull together to respect its partners’ charitable inclinations while elevating the company profile?  Read more caret_right


Increasing a Nonprofit’s Fundraiser Revenues

How did a growing nonprofit utilize multiple strategies to bring in higher donations and increase awareness?  Read more caret_right


Streamlining Giving and Slowing Solicitations

How one Rodman & Associates client took control of his giving.  Read more caret_right