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We all reach a stage in life where we begin to consider our legacy and place in society. Experience has taught us the importance of nurturing and supporting the things we value, yet we often do not know where to start and whom to trust.

Whether new to charitable giving or coming from a heritage of philanthropy, individuals can struggle to find a voice for their passion and lack the know-how and time required to research the millions of charitable options available to them.

Rodman & Associates provides personalized interviews, counsel, and assessments to customize philanthropy that’s right for you.

We are accustomed to working with high-profile political figures, professional sports players, entertainers and other well-placed individuals. Rodman & Associates respects each client’s privacy and routinely signs confidentiality agreements.

“I am approached several times a week by business associates and social peers asking me to support worthy charitable causes. Lisa brings analytical skills and insight to give me an honest assessment of how my funds would be used, without even a hint of a conflict of interest.  She is ethical, trustworthy and respects my need for confidentiality.”

Ray Wilkerson, President
The Ray Wilkerson Companies

“Lisa Rodman has the experience and the connections to aid individual and corporate donors in making strategic alliances with nonprofits and Non-Governmental Organizations from Main Street to the Middle East.”

Ambassador Lewis Lucke
U.S. Response Coordinator for the Haiti Earthquake, 2010 First USAID/Iraq Mission Director, 2002-2004

Foundations and Family Giving


Rodman & Associates understands that the politics of family and the politics of money often collide, making it difficult to identify a shared mission and direction. We are seasoned at working with multigenerational families to define shared values, facilitate communication, and prepare the younger generation for leadership.

We recognize Foundation Board members are volunteers and frequently lack the expertise and skills necessary to adequately evaluate proposals for funding. Rodman & Associates provides in-depth research and analysis of grant applicants as well as knowledge-based and objective advice. We will work in partnership with grant recipients to guide them in adopting best practices in regard to reporting and compliance.

“Family philanthropy is every bit as much about passing on values as it is preserving community assets. Lisa is well-positioned to help her clients find programs and institutions that reflect their family’s unique priorities and is a pro at creating intergenerational volunteer and funding opportunities.”

Patsy Woods Martin, Founder I Live Here, I Give Here

“Lisa is a natural people person. She effortlessly builds rapport with everyone, from a child of 2 to an adult of 82. She is equally at home in a minor league dugout, visiting with a player from the Dominican Republic, as she is in the Owner’s Box.”

Ruth and Nolan Ryan

Business and Corporate Support


Are you looking to launch or revitalize a corporate giving program?

Do you often feel torn between the pet charity projects of employees, associates, and vendors?

Do you wonder how to stem the tide of throwing money at multiple charities in an effort to please everyone?

Do you feel unable to say “no” to the competing interests? And when you do say “yes,” do you wonder how much it really counts?

Let the professionals at Rodman & Associates serve as your corporate philanthropy strategists.

We work with corporate clients to

  • Clarify their philanthropic priorities and focus
  • Identify strategies, giving vehicles and timing to best execute those giving goals
  • Benchmark comparable philanthropic models
  • Design and manage employee engagement programs
  • Ensure the organization has the necessary talent to realize adopted strategies
  • Assess and evaluate outcomes

“All organizations present themselves in a better light when aligned with great causes.  Facts have shown (all things being equal) companies that rally around a purpose or are seen as being supportive of causes greater than themselves attract better talent, customers and reputations.  With so many choices, it helps to have professionals aligning my personal and professional goals with those that I can benefit most.”

Jim Warren, Senior Vice President Marketing
World Class Capital Group

Wealth Advisors

Clients desire expert guidance when making significant philanthropic decisions.

It is a challenging task to make consistently effective and strategic philanthropic decisions, particularly when high net worth clients are faced with a barrage of requests for funding. Rodman & Associates works collaboratively to ensure giving decisions are true to your clients’ priorities, address identified and documented social needs, and remain consistent with the sound financial management and estate planning that you provide.

According to recent data on wealth advisors and philanthropy:

  • Advisors underestimate the number of clients who donate regularly by nearly 50%
  • 90-95% of financial advisors lose assets during an estate transition
  • 50% of advisors report that clients need philanthropic advice exceeding their capabilities
  • Fewer than 10% of financial advisors initiate a conversation about philanthropy

The professionals at Rodman & Associates partner with you and your team to provide

Trusted Guidance

Serve as a skilled, collaborative member of your team

Act as a respectful advocate for client, with no sales role

Help clients develop fiscally sound philanthropic priorities and strategies

Thorough Research and Reporting

Identify and assess charitable needs—whether local, national or global

Compare organizations in similar sectors to find the best intersection with client goals

Align client giving and legacy strategies with financial capacity

Ongoing Evaluation

Conduct interviews, site visits, and evaluations prior to gift decisions

Prepare annual reviews of client giving decisions and organization outcomes

Make recommendations to attain greater effectiveness and impact

“The percentage of high-net worth clients who contribute to charities annually (98%) exceeds the percentage of advisors who offer charitable planning support (14%). This creates a huge untapped opportunity”

Ryan Boland, Vice President, Complex Asset Group at Fidelity Charitable



Rodman & Associates is committed to developing and supporting philanthropic leadership and nonprofit management. To strengthen our impact, we elect to work exclusively with one nonprofit at a time.

Examples of initiatives undertaken include working with staff and board to evaluate opportunities for program growth and scalability, Board development, communication tools for donor cultivation, and implementing fundamental building blocks for strong governance and management practices.

“Our small nonprofit engaged Joy Selak of Rodman & Associates to aid in the refinement and restructuring of our organization’s Policies and Procedures. I found her breadth of experience to be very helpful in meeting us where we were and leading us through the tedious and detailed remodeling of this foundational document. Joy helped us sort through what was extraneous versus essential, while being mindful of details that constrain versus enable efficient and creative operations.”

Ellen Sable
2018 Board President
Drive a Senior West Austin

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