Business and Corporate Support

Do you often feel torn between the pet charity projects of employees, associates, and vendors?

Do you wonder how to stem the tide of throwing money at multiple charities in an effort to please everyone?

Do you feel unable to say “no” to the competing interests? When you do say “yes,” do you wonder how much it really counts?

Businesses struggle to distinguish themselves in today’s saturated market. Strategic giving provides an excellent avenue for PR and media coverage for you and your company. Well-crafted charitable sponsorships and market-driven giving place your name before target audiences, put you across the conference room table from potential business partners and clients, and have been proven to lower employee turnover.

For businesses not large enough to warrant an in-house Community Relations Specialist or to support a Corporate Social Responsibility function, Rodman & Associates serves to evaluate and implement effective community giving and cross marketing initiatives. Our business clients find this approach more satisfying and cost-effective than hiring designated staff.

Rodman & Associates delivers proven practices for making sponsorship and media partnerships a success and provides management and administration for your company’s short-term or long-term needs.

“All organizations present themselves in a better light when aligned with great causes.  Facts have shown (all things being equal) companies that rally around a purpose or are seen as being supportive of causes greater than themsleves attract better talent, customers, and repuations.  With so many choices, it helps to have professional aligning my personal and professional goals with those that I can benefit most.”

Jim Warren, Senior Vice President Marketing
World Class Capital Group

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