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Are you looking to launch or revitalize a corporate giving program?

Do you often feel torn between the pet charity projects of employees, associates, and vendors?

Do you wonder how to stem the tide of throwing money at multiple charities in an effort to please everyone?

Do you feel unable to say “no” to the competing interests? And when you do say “yes,” do you wonder how much it really counts?

Let the professionals at Rodman & Associates serve as your corporate philanthropy strategists.

We work with corporate clients to

  • Clarify their philanthropic priorities and focus
  • Identify strategies, giving vehicles and timing to best execute those giving goals
  • Benchmark comparable philanthropic models
  • Design and manage employee engagement programs
  • Ensure the organization has the necessary talent to realize adopted strategies
  • Assess and evaluate outcomes

“When identifying philanthropic partners that will ultimately inspire a team to rally around a cause, it doesn’t take long to realize that people matter as much as the cause and the mission. While associating with nonprofit partners that will align with your corporate strategy is the minimum goal, discovering partners that will bring your employees’ hearts into the fold is simply priceless. One must never underestimate the power of true inspiration”

Bill Duffy
Vice President of U.S. Operations
Sky Zone Franchise Group

“All organizations present themselves in a better light when aligned with great causes. Facts have shown (all things being equal) companies that rally around a purpose or are seen as being supportive of causes greater than themsleves attract better talent, customers, and repuations. With so many choices, it helps to have professional aligning my personal and professional goals with those that I can benefit most.”

Jim Warren
Senior Vice President Marketing
World Class Capital Group

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