Foundations and Family Giving

Rodman & Associates understands that the politics of family and the politics of money often collide, making it difficult to identify a shared mission and direction. We are seasoned at working with multigenerational families to define shared values, facilitate communication, and prepare the younger generation for leadership.

We recognize Foundation Board members are volunteers and frequently lack the expertise and skills necessary to adequately evaluate proposals for funding. Rodman & Associates provides in-depth research and analysis of grant applicants as well as knowledge-based and objective advice. We will work in partnership with grant recipients to guide them in adopting best practices in regard to reporting and compliance.

“Family philanthropy is every bit as much about passing on values as it is preserving community assets. Lisa is well-positioned to help her clients find programs and institutions that reflect their family’s unique priorities and is a pro at creating intergenerational volunteer and funding opportunities.”

Patsy Woods Martin
Founder I Live Here
I Give Here

“I am a witness. Joy Selak gets things done. She thinks ahead while embracing the lessons of the past. These two qualities are essential to success in community leadership and philanthropic pursuits. I served for many years with Joy on the San Juan Island Community Foundation Board. Her leadership and efforts were the building blocks for a thriving organization.”

Jim Skoog
Board Trustee San Juan Island Land Bank
Former Trustee San Juan Island Community Foundation

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