We all reach a stage in life where we begin to consider our legacy and place in society. Experience has taught us the importance of nurturing and supporting the things we value, yet we often do not know where to start and whom to trust.

Whether new to charitable giving or coming from a heritage of philanthropy, individuals can struggle to find a voice for their passion and lack the know-how and time required to research the millions of charitable options available to them.

Rodman & Associates provides personalized interviews, counsel, assessments, and a menu of suggested charitable outlets to customize philanthropy that’s right for you. We work to provide balance in your charitable portfolio and offer oversight to ensure receiving organizations adhere to best business practices.

We are accustomed to working with high-profile political figures, professional sports players, entertainers and other well-placed individuals. Rodman & Associates respects each client’s privacy and routinely signs confidentiality

“Lisa is a natural people person. She effortlessly builds rapport with everyone, from a child of 2 to an adult of 82. She is equally at home in a minor league dugout, visiting with a player from the Dominican Republic, as she is in the Owner’s Box.”

Ruth and Nolan Ryan

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