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Can We Talk About Money?

When I accepted a position as the Development Director for a small Austin nonprofit, I thought that my years of service in the sector would inform the role. I had been a nonprofit founder, board member, leader and consultant. Surely, I could effectively apply these experiences to this new role. But, as it turned out,… Read more »

Why your social media is foundering

Traditional corporate marketing goals include increased sales and revenue whereas nonprofit marketing goals often consist of educating, inspiring and motivating. Although each have different objectives, the tactics used are not that different. Please follow and like us:

Three easy steps to a better Board

Nominating Chairs complain that the competition is tough; there are too many nonprofits and not enough Rock Star board members.  Yet Boards function as a team, and we all know Rock Stars may not make the best teammate. Please follow and like us:

Giving Budgets, Volunteerism Increase: The 2016 Rodman Report is Here

Rodman Report Cover

A Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas The results of our Survey of Corporate Giving in Central Texas are in. Through the direct feedback of local businesses, the 2016 Rodman Report shines a spotlight on corporate giving trends and benchmarks in the Austin and Central Texas area. The statistics we gathered on corporate philanthropy/giving… Read more »

The 5 ABCs of Crowdfunding

Austin is one of the country’s most tech-savvy populations.  Crowdfunding uniquely fits our city’s culture and our desire to create online communities centered on shared passions. Please follow and like us: