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Global Giving – Where Does The U.S. Fall?

Private charity is critical in making America the unique country it is, but we are not the only country in the world with thriving philanthropy. Forbes Insights and BNP Paribas recently release its annual Individual Philanthropy Index. The Philanthropy Index measures charitable motivations, interests and giving around the world. Key findings: The U.S. ranks #1… Read more »

The value of Giving Back does get passed down!

Grandparents who actively pursue philanthropic endeavors are more likely to have grandchildren who give charitably and volunteer in the community. While giving priorities may differ (grandparents are more inclined to religious giving and grandchildren to secular giving), grandparents play a role in developing their grandchildren’s giving habits. Recent research released by the Lilly Family School… Read more »


Is Corporate Philanthropy in your tool kit? Time and time again we see companies roll out public do-good campaigns following a major gaff, but do these campaigns really work?  It turns out they do! A decade ago the political beliefs of an executive or the transgressions of a U.S. company’s subsidiary in Africa or Asia… Read more »

Philanthropy & Sons

Did you know? A family-owned business is much more likely to practice philanthropy. Why? It helps to ensure the business’s future success by building family cohesion. Not all family members are able – or interested – in being directly involved with the business. Shared philanthropy connects those members and brings them into the fold, allowing… Read more »